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Advanced Search

In this section we will step you through the “advanced” functions of our Search page.

This page takes the basic search a step further. It works the same way as the basic search page, but lets you narrow your search even further.

Step 1 – Use the three Keyword search boxes to enter the keywords for your search. To the right of each Keyword search box you can set what parameter you want each of the three Keyword search boxes to be limited to by clicking on its drop down menu. You can select Author, Article Title, or Entire Article for each Keyword search box. To the right of the Keyword search boxes you can select whether you want to search in Russian, English, or Transliteration. One thing to note here – by using English keywords for your search, your search will be on English-language sources only. If you want to run a search in Russian, but do not have a Russian keyboard driver installed in your system, click “Russian Keyboard”. A small window will pop up with a Russian keyboard that will enter the text you type on it directly into Keyword search box.

Step 2 – Use the Select sources area of this search page to define which types of periodicals you want to conduct your search on. Click “all” for all periodicals in the database, or, for a more refined search, click “selected” and then click the type(s) of databases you want to search in.

Step 3 – To the left of Select sources is the Select date range. Use this area to set the date parameters for your search.

Step 4 – Click “Search”

Step 5 – The results of your search will be displayed as a list of articles that contained the keyword(s) that you typed into the Keyword search box. Click on the individual articles and you can read them. If you want to change how the search results are displayed, click on the tabs under “View search results by.” The Excerpts tab will show a few lines of text from the articles that contained the keyword(s) and the Full text tab will show you the entire article containing the keyword(s).

You can also check the boxes next to the articles that you want to read and then click Open Articles. This option will collate all selected articles into one document for easier reading and printing.

For more information on using the database search engine, visit our Search Tips page of this Help section.

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