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Article TitleHumans of St Olaf
SourceThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2020),  No. 13, March  05, 2020, page(s): 8
Place of PublicationNorthfield, United States
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Humans of St Olaf

It is more of a bitter-sweet feeling. Because it`s been a journey, you know. It`s been a crazy one. It`s ups and downs. Here, I had some of my best moments in my life and some of my worst moments. But at the same time, being here, as my last semester, is kind of like, there is that feeling of accomplishment - an accomplishment of what you`ve been through and who you`ve become. It`s getting there. It`s the finish line. It`s the finish line that you think will be super super easy but then, there is also that fear coming in of what`s next. Will I be able to maintain the same relationship with my friends that I`ve had? How can I make the most meaningful experience out of this last semester, out of this what - 90 days that are left? Which is crazy because 4 years pass like this - like a snap of a finger! It`s crazy. Like, I still remember the first day I was here. I still remember how huge campus felt like. Now I know every single corner of this place.

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