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Article TitleIt's all in the game
Author(s)Tom Helgeson
SourceThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2014),  No. 10,  Vol.072, April  24, 1959, page(s): 4
Place of PublicationNorthfield, United States
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It's all in the game

Author: Tom Helgeson

St. Olaf decisively crippled the Beloit baseball squad in a doubleheader last Monday, 14-7 and 10-1. But the apparent power of St. Olaf should not be overestimated. Beloit, re-entering the conference for the first time in some years, hardly looked like serious competition.

Capping a season of work on the alleys seven St. Olaf students swept the Northfield Merchant bowling championship. Bob Angelici, Bob Esse, Jim Hammer (captain,) Norm Peterson, Dale Sorenson, Dave Verbarg, and Al Wilnar complete the proud and prosperous group. The Oles topped season honors with an 88 win—24 loss record and received an appropriate trophy for their bowling wizardry.

Sorenson sparked the kegsters with a solid 173 average for season activity. He also held the high series recognition with a 630.

This is a personal note to the three off-campus residents who were observed spiritedly attemping to jump the low hurdles on the track at one o'clock in the morning. There are no hurdles there at one o'clock in the morning.

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