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Article TitleLetters to the editors
Author(s)Kathleen Morner
SourceThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2014),  No. 10,  Vol.072, April  24, 1959, page(s): 2
Place of PublicationNorthfield, United States
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Letters to the editors

Author: Kathleen Morner

To the editors:

I seem to have developed an. annual practice of sticking my neck out just far enough to let fly a few of my pet irrelevancies, and this time I must confess that I was horrified by the sloppy execution of the Honors Day exercies.

The specific decisions as to whether or not the noon luncheon is meant to honor the faculty or the members of the Academic Honors Society, whether or not students should sit in blocked out sections and whether or not seniors should march in the academic procession, I leave to the joint efforts of the administration and the officers of the AHS.

I am concerned instead with the matter of attitude. There are those who feel that academic processions are completely ridiculous; in fact, some insist that the college Honors Day is a Rah! Rah! event well calculated to enlarge the already bloated egos of honor students, while members of the faculty and administration carry the megaphones. And they argue, moreover, that "the scholar" should not experience any bourgeois craving for recognition; he should be content with the personal satisfactions that his learning brings him. 'And so why have an Honors Day at all?" they ask. "Is the scholar to be brought down to the level of the kind of football hero whose meat and drink are the sound of the roaring crowd?"

This type of question does not recognize that "the scholar is like anyone else, a human being motivated by competition, and so it is too idealistic to be really valid. But the point is that if Honors Day is important as an attempt to recognize and encourage academic talent, then its significance merits careful planning and organization... the kind of planning that obviously lay behind this year's Phi Kappa initiation. If, on the other hand, it is not really worth the bother, then we should not make half-hearted attempts to continue the tradition.

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