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Article TitleWalker leads Repertory group in Medieval, modern concert
SourceThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2014),  No. 10,  Vol.072, April  24, 1959, page(s): 1
Place of PublicationNorthfield, United States
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Walker leads Repertory group in Medieval, modern concert

The Repertory Singers, under the direction of F. Marian Walker, will take the high notes Saturday night, April 25 in their annual spring concert. Scheduled for 7:30 p.m., the musical presentation will take place in the gym.

This year's concert consists primarily of secular literature with emphasis being placed upon the English madrigal school of the late Renaissance and also upon music of the contemporary period.

Also featured will be some of the early instruments associated with music of the 16th, 17th, and early 18th centuries. Of special interest will be the use of recorders, wooden flute-like instruments popular during this period.

Works to be featured by the musical group will be drawn from larger scaled compositions, such as the oratorio and opera. Climax of the concert will be the two excerpts take from operas by American contemporary composers, Copland and Menotti. Copland's "Stomp Your Foot" is a boisterous square dance a la chorus and piano for four hands. Menotti's Christmas fantasy about Amahl, the poor crippled shepherd boy, has become within a very short time a "classic" TV spectacular. In these numbers the group will be accompanied by a small group of instrumentalists.

The Singers consist of 20 members and are assisted by two regular accompanists, Margaret Birkeland, and David Gelhoff. Throughout the year they have staged major performances in connection with the college Christmas festival and in a combination harpsichord and chorus presentation of a Bachs nativity cantata. They also performed a Lenten season cantata, "The Seven Words of Christ from the Cross" by Richard Wienhorst and a program of Elizabethan Madrigals at Carleton in connection with the English conference of Minnesota private colleges.

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