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Article TitleSale of Tickets Mounts as Norway Tour Approaches
SourceThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2014),  No. 15,  Vol.043, January  07, 1930, page(s): 1
Place of PublicationNorthfield, United States
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Sale of Tickets Mounts as Norway Tour Approaches

Interest Is Widespread; Many Inquiries Coming In, Says Schmidt.

Illustrated Circulars Describe Route Scenes

Full Description of Tour Is Given; Explanation of Expenses Printed.

Unprecedented interest is being- manifested in the second European tour of the St. Olaf choir in connection with the commemoration of the nine hundredth anniversary of the establishment of Christianity in Norway, according to Professor P. G. Schmidt, who is in charge of all arrangements for the tour.

The excursion is meeting with a reception fully up to expectations throughout the country, and arrangements completed for tourists interested in accompanying the choir are proving very popular. At this early date reservations have already begun to pile up. Mr. Schmidt has received 30 inquiries from California alone and letters come to him from all sections of the country.

Ticket Sales Good.

'The sale of tickets is progressing very satisfactorily, "Mr. Schmidt stated. "Interest is widespread and numerous inquiries have come from distant points. Last Friday the mails brought reservations for five tickets, and on Monday orders came for ten more. The ticket sale has been fully up to expectations."

Circulars descriptive of the tour have been prepared by Mr. Schmidt and have just now been completed. A full description of the tour is given, featuring the festivities at Trondhjem, the 400th anniversary at Augsburg, the Stockholm Arts and Crafts exposition, and the Passion Play at Oberammergau.

Circulars Explain Itinerary.

The circular is beautifully illustrated with scenes from the different countries to be visited, and a full explanation of all expenses is given. These circulars may be had on application to Mr. Schmidt or on calling for them at the book store.

I he excursion provides for several tours to accommodate the several classes of travelers—those who plan to go to Norway only, those who want a special sightseeing tour in Norway, and those who wish to travel on the continent.

Dean J. Jorgen Thompson of St. Olaf college, accompanied by Mrs. Thompson and son Jorgen, will go to Norway in March to make advance arrangements for the choir trip. He will make arrangements for concerts in Norway, most of which will be given in churches. The principal concert engagement of the choir will be in the Trondhjem cathedral, one of the oldest shrines in northern Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson will take passage on the Stavangerfjord, leaving New York March 29.

Dr. F. Melius Christiansen, director of the choir, is composing an anthem which will be sung by the choir on its Norway tour.

A special edition of the Messenger, containing complete information of the tour was printed before the Christmas recess.

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