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Article TitlePolitical positions must be personal
Author(s)Allen L. Hanson
SourceThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2014),  No. 20,  Vol.082, November  17, 1969, page(s): 7
Place of PublicationNorthfield, United States
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Political positions must be personal

Author: Allen L. Hanson

To the Editors:

I was sorry to see the prominent display in the Messenger of the Moratorium committee call for a boycott of classes November 13 and 14. The superficial thinking which produces a document so filled with assumptions and innuendoes reflects little credit upon St. Olaf students' ability to discriminate and evaluate.

I have high regard for the intellectual acumen of St. Olaf students. I trust that they will recognize that interrupting the academic program is irrelevant to stopping a war and will rather get on with their classwork for which they make a large financial investment and which in the long run is their best preparation for solving the problems of the world.

They will also, I think, see that a stand on moral or political issues (this is both) is a matter of personal, not corporate, commitment, and that baiting the President and others in collegiate authority ranks in sophistication along with being "adult" enough to be able to say "hell" and "damn" in a chapel talk, or similar adolescent outbursts. Let's get over this preoccupation with making the campus a battleground and concentrate on a good job of education.

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