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ArtikeltitelOlaf black population alienates most whites
QuelleThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2014),  No. 20,  Vol.082, November  17, 1969, page(s): 7
PublikationsortNorthfield, United States

Olaf black population alienates most whites

To the Editors:

St. Olaf's almost non-existent black population seems to go to all ends to leave misinformed whites misinformed. As they slink into their black sanctuary on the north side of Ytterboe. they alienate all but a few well-chosen whites.

This center supposedly fulfills all the needs of the blacks to escape the heavy Norwegian atmosphere which is so prevalent on this campus. Not everyone is Norwegian, however, and not all bask in the holy atmosphere of this Norwegian convent!

But then the huge Ole grapevine has heard little of the blacks' alienating powers in their "much needed center!" On the contrary, the black students' center spends a lot of time with darkened windows.

Concerned whites (there are a few, though you may snicker) have heard nothing from last year about the hope for more black students, nor about the "proposed" goal of the black center to aid whites in black culture. There also has been no progress on plans for more academic classes related to black culture and nothing this year in the way of Free University courses in this area.

Is instant race information still supposed to be gathered from a book of Malcolm X, a picture of Martin Luther King, and a Temptations record?

Name withheld by request

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