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Article TitleCanvassing Downtown
Author(s)Jeffery Pederson
SourceThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2014),  No. 20,  Vol.082, November  17, 1969, page(s): 5
Place of PublicationNorthfield, United States
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Canvassing Downtown

Author: Jeffery Pederson

In an effort to draw the business community into the antiwar letter effort, several of us descended up Northfield Friday afternoon. Unfortunately most of my postcards remained unsigned.

Ironically, many stores displayed conflicting posters in their windows. While it appeared that the merchants were sympathetic with the Moritorium, they were also advertising their long Thursday business hours. This was carrying business to the "more than usual" phase.

Response to the postcard-writing was varied. A spokesman for the cafe named after a known desperado simple didn't "want to get involved." A travel agency was sympathetic, but a barber shop operator was convinced that Mr. Nixon was already doing all possible for peace in Vietnam.

There were other stores to canvass, but after half a dozen forays I concluded that the Northfield business community cannot be persuaded to join ranks with the Moratorium. They will support it as long as it doesn't interfere with "business as usual," the central theme of the Moritorium.

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