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ИсточникThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2014),  № 20,  Том 082, 17  ноября  1969, C. 3
Место изданияNorthfield, США
Количество слов160
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Junk Sculpture

"Meanwhile at Northfield, Minn., work was begun yesterday on a giant junk sculpture, tentatively ttiled 'The War Machine.' The proposed five-ton structure is being built on a traffic island on the St. Olaf campus."

Or so said the Minneapolis Tribune from November 14. In truth, there has been no construction on the project to date nor has there been a title proposed for the work.

The drop in student support since October 15 has been a great factor contributing to this non-action. There were only about 40 or 50 people at a Moritorium sculpture rally Friday afternoon in Boe chapel.

The sculpture, to be displayed in a prominent place if it is ever built, will be as "ugly as war." Scrap metal, planks and junk will be held together by bolts and barbed wire.

In the spring a flower garden may be planted next to the work, to remind one aesthetically of the contrast between war and peace.

постоянный адрес статьи: https://stolaf.eastview.com/browse/doc/45287528

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