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Заглавие статьиSt. Olaf Student Body Meeting
Автор(ы)John Zicarelli
ИсточникThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2014),  № 20,  Том 082, 17  ноября  1969, C. 2
Место изданияNorthfield, США
Количество слов295
Постоянный адрес статьиhttps://stolaf.eastview.com/browse/doc/45287524

St. Olaf Student Body Meeting

Author: John Zicarelli

A bitter wind marred the path to the St. Olaf women's gym as I hurried to the student body meeting along with a couple hundred others.

It was Moratorium time again. There was a prayer: give us better guns that can shoot a thousand rounds a second to spread killing and destruction over all the earth. "In the name of thy son, General Patton, amen." The audience liked the irony.

And the vice-president was quoted again. Greg Willms said we really were impudent, impudent enough not to believe the myth that war is OK and should be accepted calmly. When a scientist is asked to discover new means for destruction, he must say no. When a mother is asked to raise children to fight in the future wars she must say no. He told the gallery that it was time to make a decision and to act. Most had made their decisions long before, but they seemed to like his message anyway.

The venerable Dr. Howard Hong was introduced. He spoke toward the middle of a divided house. The war is a mistake he said; the reasons are powerful and variegated. It is time we asked the Schulder-kenntnisfrager, that we recognize our guilt and bring an end to it: Nixon needs this day, he said, to know his heightened actions toward peace do have popular support. The house was with him.

President Rand's statement of the college position on the moratorium was read. Some, eager to get to classes, began to file out. Miss Shirley, anxious to have her gym back, asked the speaker to hurry. "If Dr. Rand thinks..." I heard as the stampede toward the door swelled. They were off to classes, as usual.

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