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Article TitleSt. Olaf Orchestra concert to feature wide variety of composers
Author(s)Jason DeRose
SourceThe Manitou Messenger (1916-2014),  No. 13,  Vol.109, March  15, 1996, page(s): 9
  • Arts & Lifestyle
Place of PublicationNorthfield, United States
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St. Olaf Orchestra concert to feature wide variety of composers

Author: Jason DeRose

On Sunday, March 17, the St. Olaf Orchestra will give a concert at 7:30 p.m. in Skoglund Center. The orchestra, under the direction of Professor Steve Amundson, will perform works by Igor Stravinsky, Ralph Vaughn Williams, and Samuel Barber.

There will be two pieces by Stravinsky: "The Rite of Spring" and "Scherzo a la Russe." Because "The Rite of Spring" requires a larger orchestra, members from the St. Olaf Band, Chamber Orchestra and Norseman Band have been added to the ensemble. Doubled parts include the bass clarinet, English horn, and tuba.

In contrast, the Orchestra reduces its size for "Knoxville: Summer 1915" by Barber. The smaller ensemble will be joined by soprano Alison Feldt, voice professor in the music department. The text for this piece is based on a poem from the early twentieth century which idealizes childhood and family life.

Also included in the performance will be "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis" by Vaughn Williams. For this piece, the orchestra separates into two ensembles, one smaller and one larger. The smaller group is comprised of Concert Master Rebecca Rossman, first violin; Ed Obermueller, second violin; Eve Sheie, viola; and Kari Nostbakken, cello.

The orchestra has been preparing for Sunday's concert since the completion of their fall tour in October. "This concert, more so than the fall concerts which included Brahms, flatters the orchestra," Rossman said.

"We focus on accurate and concise rhythms in these pieces, more than on the melodic rhythms we concentrated on in the fall. The pieces are of widely contrasting styles from the complex and dissonant 'Rite' to the lighter 'Scherzo' and the poetic Vaughn Williams piece," she said.

Jason DeRose Staff Writer

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